domingo, 23 de julho de 2017

INSIDE:NICE COLD NATION=crossroad/THE DREAMS NEVER END=uvb 76/DELUSIONAL SIGNALS=deception/HAPAX=hands/HORD=lines/VICE DEVICE=symmetry/VACANT STARES=hostility/INFERIOR COMPLEX=love ain't dead/OLD PROVIDENCE=invierno rojo/SANNE DE NEIGE=luna/PINK FLOYD=julia dream/PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING=london can take it/THE BLUEBEARD'S CASTLE(BBC)=noise is a wild animal/OF THE WAND AND THE MOON=immer vorwärts/TRICKY=the only way/THE SOUND=one thousand reasons e MERRY'S FUNERAL=my servant clown

sábado, 15 de julho de 2017

INSIDE:ANTIPOLE feat.PARIS ALEXANDER=all alone/THE COMPLETERS=silence/SID SUICIDE=talvez a perder/CLAIR OBSCUR=the pilgrim's progress/THE GLUTS=come to fire/BLACK DIRT=move/THE SHYNESS OF STRANGERS=if it serves you/A WORLD OF MYSTERY=blind man's bluff/THE WITCHING HOURS=tears come down/FADING RAIN=unable/BAICAL=tender whips/EUROPEAN GHOST=soldato d'elite/NON-ALIGNMENT PACT=end/DELUSIONAL SIGNALS=river/OLMS & WHITE CHRISTIAN MALE=late at night/NABTA=no words e MERRY'S FUNERAL=black planet

sábado, 8 de julho de 2017

INSIDE:BBC=confusion/CAT PEOPLE=coohagen/CIRCA TAPES=spider/THE VEILS=three sisters/FACTICE FACTORY=extinguisher/THE POLICE=masoko tanga/NONE=alienari/THE SOUND=skeletons/SECRET SIGHT=stage lights/MÃO MORTA=lisboa/SOFT KILL=selfish love/FIREWATER=paint it black/SUPERNOVA 1006=dope/MORTE PSÍQUICA=fado das almas/VICE DEVICE=solvent/THE CULT=the witch/THE VINES=outtathaway e GUN CLUB=I can't explain....! 

sábado, 1 de julho de 2017

INSIDE:DELUSIONAL SIGNALS=lost/TWO MOONS=the monster/EUROPEAN GHOST=soldato d'elite/SEXTILE=one of these/GEOMETRIC VISION=apocalypse queen/THE BLACK ANGELS=i'd kill for her/PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING=london can take it/MOTH=after the fire/GILD THE MOURN=shade/DESPERATE JOURNALIST=wait/SOCIAL STATION=so much/DIE SELEKTION=faust/SONGS FROM A RAINY DAY=sense/ANTIPOLE feat. L'ORDRE D'HÉLOISE=demain a commencé/THE TRACTOR=dps/BAICAL=yr lips e TRAITRS=speak in tongues 

sábado, 24 de junho de 2017

INSIDE:MONOWELT=ozean/ECHOING DRIFTERS=forclusion/LUR LUR=lullaby/PRINCIPE VALIENTE=running juveniles/DREAM AFFAIR=405/THE DRUBROVNIKS=like fire/LIAISONS DANGEREUSES=mystere dans le brouillard/MOVING UNITS=emancipation/RUSSIAN BLOOD=spectral visions/UNDERTHESKIN=burn/THE FALL=frenz/CHRISTIAN DEATH=figurative theatre/IN LETTER FORM=edison's medicine/THE COLOURS OF SILENCE=voices in the dark/WHISPERING SONS=shadow e UNIT 4=hidden faces

sábado, 17 de junho de 2017

INSIDE: IAMTHESHADOW=draw a line/CLAIR OBSCUR=froh/DER BLAUE REITER=lights off/DANCE NAKED=bronze contempt/MY JERUSALEM=death valley/EX-RZ feat. FENNE KUPPENS=17 seconds/STEVEN WILSON=a forest/THE SHYNESS OF STRANGERS=didn't mind/THE NEW YEAR=recent history/THE CLASH=white man in hammersmith/THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE=anemone/A PROJECTION=exit/NABTA=no words/NOVA ET VETERA=i don't exist/16 HORSEPOWER=the partisan/SILENTPORT=the promise of heaven/DELUSIONAL SIGNALS=river e DIE UNBEKANNTEN=poseidon

sábado, 10 de junho de 2017

INSIDE:THE SHYNESS OF STRANGERS=wrong/AZTEC DEATH=no reason/A PROJECTION=betrayal/THE AGNES CIRCLE=underneath the ivy/BLEIB MODERN=mirror/THE VEILS=total depravity/CHAD VANGAALEN=red blood/DESPERATE JOURNALIST=wait/PRINCIPE VALIENTE=when i learned to crawl/CLAN OF XYMOX=I want you now/THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE=open heart surgery/DEAD VIBRATIONS=reflections/SEXTILE=visions of you/ALL YOUR SISTERS=open wide/NIGHT SINS=spire and ecstasy/BORIS DZANECK=thin man e A WHISPER IN THE NOISE=all my

sábado, 3 de junho de 2017

INSIDE:UNI_FORM=everytime I die/BLEIB MODERN=leave me/VICE DEVICE=breathless/A PROJECTION=dark city/BE STRASS=apocalipse/SEXTILE=one of these/THE SHYNESS OF STRANGERS=serpent river/DELUSIONAL SIGNALS=night/SECOND STILL=two reasons/PRINCIPE VALIENTE=running juveniles/GATTOPARDO=desencanto/THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN=song for a secret/THE MOUNTAIN GOATS=rain in soho/DESPERATE JOURNALIST=hesitate/WONDER DARKfeat.BJARKEN=third vision/TEMPERS=tail in my mouth e SOFT KILL=on the inside

sábado, 27 de maio de 2017

INSIDE:DEATH BY DELIRIUM=next big thing/SECOND STILL=strangers/DESPERATE JOURNALIST=distance/SOFT KILL=the figurehead/ALL YOUR SISTERS=black god/SUPERNOVA 1006=melting/POST TROPIC=technicolor/THE BLACK ANGELS=comanche moon/LES FLEURS DU MAL=alone/SECOND LAYER=germany/A PROJECTION=young days/NIGHT SINS=crystal blue/PRINCIPE VALIENTE=she never returned/WHITE CHRISTIAN MALE=shadowplay/SHE PLEASURES HERSELF=heroes/SILENTPORT=transmutation e A WORLD OF MYSTERY=sometimes



sábado, 20 de maio de 2017

INSIDE:LES YEUX SANS VISAGE=christmas/LOVE IN CAGE=boy next door/MOTH=obelion disco/JELLO BIAFRA AND THE GUANTANAMO=john dillinger/ALL YOUR SISTERS=whites/GIRLS NAMES=málaga/BLACK ORCHESTRA=body/BOY HARSHER=big bad john/BRANCHES=wake/THE COLOURS OF SILENCE=darkness/THE COMPLETERS=silence/RENDEZ-VOUS=cat's mirror/THE RAVEONETTES=junko ozawa/ROGERS SISTERS=never learn to cry/DEAD MOON=a fix on you/LIFT TO EXPERIENCE=falling from cloud 9/IAMTHESHADOW=this violence e MÃO MORTA=paris