sábado, 15 de outubro de 2016

INSIDE:WHISPERING SONS=performance/MODERN WITCH=can't live in a living room/2L8=desire,desire,desire/COMATEENS=ghosts/INDIAN ZEPHYR=distance/IN LETTER FORM=terror/RITUAL HOWLS=nervous hands/HANNI EL KHATIB=heartbreak hotel/HOLYGRAM=still there/GAZNEVADA=roipnol/MOTORAMA=i see you/THE TRANSMISSIONARY SIX=edison stare/BRANDENBURG=autumn rain/COLD COMFORT=beach funeral/THE HOUSE OF LOVE=strange brew e FURY IN THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE=dancing in the sunshine of the dark(Live).  

sábado, 8 de outubro de 2016

INSIDE:MÃO MORTA=sobe querida,desce/OS GNOMOSfeatADOLFO LUXURIA CANIBAL=esboço de mim/SHE PAST AWAY/SELOFAN=alt ego/RAILER BRIDE=skinny white girl/LATE OF THE PIER=mad dogs and englishmen/HE FUZZTONES=cheyenne rider/FLYYING COLOURS=not ready/THE RAINCOATS=babydog/A NEON ROME=windowsill/SONS AND DAUGHTERS=la lune/BORN FOR BLISS=innocent/SPEAR OF DESTINY=the wheel/MOTORAMA=above the clouds/THE SCIENTISTS=when fate deals its mortal /VELVET MONKEYS=everything is right/THE CURE=piggy in the mirror/TROUBLE FAIT'=sister of darkness/THE DRONES=baby? e STELLASTARR*=the diver

domingo, 2 de outubro de 2016

INSIDE:POISON POINT=my lips,your lips,apocalypse/CINDY TALK=janey's love/SHE PAST AWAY=kuruyordu nehir/SECTION25=poppy fields/SIGLO XX=into the dark/DEAD GUITARS=slowdown/VILLA 21=moonwhited room/WOVENHAND=the hired hand/THE CALLAS=half kiss half rain/GIRLS NAMES=reticence/RITUAL HOWLS=spirit murder/DAVID J.=betrayal/OSCAR AND THE WOLF=joaquim/FOOLS DANCE=the collector/PASSION FODDER=travail,famille,patrie/GRAHAM PARKER=soul corruption e MARIANNE FAITHFULL=working class hero  

domingo, 25 de setembro de 2016

INSIDE:BLEIB MODERN=eight reasons/HOFFEN=calisto/MONOLOG=sad sleep/WHISPERING SONS=wall/SHE PLEASURES HERSELF=i can't live in a livingroom/GIRLS NAMES=málaga/ADRIAN BORLAND=sea of noise/NOW IT'S OVERHEAD=let up/WOVENHAND=crook and fail/TRUE WEST=lucifer sam/CHAMELEONS VOX=sycophants/TROUBLE FAIT'=eurotower/DIED PRETTY=crawls away/RITUAL HOWLS=the scent of skin/AUS TEARS=celebration of bodies/RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY=west wakes up e THE COLOURS OF SILENCE=in a dream

domingo, 18 de setembro de 2016

INSIDE:SHE PLEASURES HERSELF=crime/ATTASALINA & THE SERAPHIM RISING=double dare/MOTORAMA=tell me/GIANT WAVES=work for the rich/THE CALLAS=anger/JELLO BIAFRA & THE GUANTANAMO/THE FALL=c'n'c's mithering/LOVE SPIT LOVE=long long time/IN LETTER FORM=terror/GAZNEVADA=japanese girl/WU LYF=nic cave/BOY HARSHER=big bad john/STEVE KILBEY=out of this world/BLIND DELON=sueur/SANNE DE NEIGE=cold world/CRISPY AMBULANCE=the force and the wisdom e STATIC DAYDREAM=a night like this.

domingo, 11 de setembro de 2016

INSIDE:WHISPERING SONS=shadow/TROUBLE FAIT'=echoing drifters/IN LETTER FORM=edison's medicine/DAVID J.=ten little beauty queens/EZRA FURMAN=the refugee/ANDREA SCHROEDER=void/WARHAUS=the good lie/CHARNIER=bodies flap out/THROW THAT BEAT IN THE GARBAGECAN!=suburbia/PREOCCUPATIONS=anxiety/NEILS CHILDREN=lucifer sam/THIS GREY CITY=the strange part of me/RITUAL HOWLS=helm/BLIND DELON=edouard/CONTROLLED BLEEDING=rhythm for a body bag/SILENTPORT WITH LADY GHOST=its my guilt e BLUE ANGELS=friendly fire

domingo, 4 de setembro de 2016

INSIDE:COLORING ELECTRIC LIKE=lullaby/BRANDENBURG=school bus/DEN=poltergeist/JAPAN SUICIDE=the prisoner/FREEBASS=you don't know/THE COLOURS OF SILENCE=in a dream/L'ORDRE D'HÉLOÏSE=the killing moon/LIAISONS DANGEREUSES=mystere dans la brouillard/MOTORAMA=mirror/THEO HAKOLA=bourgeois blues/HOFFEN=cold tears of an angel/MODURETIK=prazdnotou/THIS GREY CITY=are friends electric/DEAD CURTIS=incisions/BLUE ANGELS=b jamb./CARBON+=reaction e BROTHERHOOD=shame

domingo, 28 de agosto de 2016

INSIDE:CRYSTAL SODA CREAM=september/PUBLIC MEMORY=ringleader/BLEIB MODERN=lisa(danse)/TERMINAL GODS=god child/BRANCHES=slow rain of dust/WHISPERING SONS=wall/BABEL17=angels of tv/INDIAN ZEPHYR=we are/JAPAN SUICIDE=naked skin/DREAM AFFAIR=silent story/LUR LUR=lullaby/THE LIMIÑANAS=prisunic/ALL YOUR SISTERS=whites/ELECTRO VAMPIRES=black bone/IN LETTER FORM=lie to me/GÉMEOS ARIZONA=deserto e MARIJUANA DEATHSQUADS=ewok sadness

sexta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2016

INSIDE:LUX YURI=brother/FALL OF SAIGON=visions/MÃO MORTA=nuvens bárbaras/GEOMETRIC VISION=solitude of the trees/THE NAMES=the astronaut/ALEXANDER DUST=stupidity/SUNSHINE=neny/DREAM AFFAIR=from now on/HANDSOME FURS=damage/THE ADICTS=johnny was a soldier/LES MODULES ETRANGES=mental pop-up/BLACK MOTORCYCLE CLUB=whatever happened to my rock'n'roll/WU LYF=dirt/RENDEZ-VOUS=youth/THIS COLD NIGHT=enigmatic individual/NIGHT SINS=wild eyes/INAD MEMORIAM=unwritten law/SPEEDTWINS=my generation e HAUSFRAU=season of the witch

domingo, 14 de agosto de 2016

INSIDE:SHE PLEASURES HERSELF=ghost/RENDEZ-VOUS=plasticity/L'ORDRE D'HÉLOISE=la croix/KATHLEEN HANNA=ha ha ha/RITUAL HOWLS=the scent of skin/KÖBAN=turn him on/RUSSIAN BLOOD=oneiric blackness/ALL YOUR SISTERS=an awakening/SPIRAL OF SILENCE=souls/SEMANTICS=my detainer/SILENT SIGNALS=rockets in the sky/POISON POINT=no radio/RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY=west wakes up/NIGHT SINS=wild eyes/THE VEILS=axolotl/HOT GUTS=edges/X-MAL DEUTSCHLAND=allein/THE FALL=frenz e EXIT 13=dark room